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[Việt hóa] SVN-Ayer Deck (8 fonts)

Ayer is an elegant condensed display typeface designed by Miguel Reyes between 2016 and 2019 for W, a large format fashion magazine. Creative director, Cian Browne, and art director, Jeffrey Burch, needed a malleable typeface that was able to assert a strong personality at a variety of scales, even in just a handful of characters. Ayer Deck is a low contrast sans serif with gentle flaring.

Nhà thiết kế: Miguel Reyes
Nhà phát hành: Commercial Type
Việt hóa: STYLEno.1 Fonts

Mua bản gốc nếu sử dụng cho mục đích thương mại, từ Commercial Type
Bản Việt hóa cung cấp cho mục đích sử dụng cá nhân dưới hình thức trả phí.


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SVN-Ayer (8 fonts)


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