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[Việt hóa] SVN-Helvetica Now (48 fonts)

Every single glyph of Helvetica has been redrawn and redesigned for this expansive new edition – which preserves the typeface’s Swiss mantra of clarity, simplicity and neutrality, while updating it for the demands of contemporary design and branding. Helvetica Now comprises 48 fonts, consisting of three distinct optical sizes: Micro, Text and Display. Each one has been carefully tailored to the demands of its size. The larger Display versions are drawn to show off the subtlety of Helvetica and spaced with headlines in mind, while the Text sizes focus on legibility, using robust strokes and comfortably loose spaces. The Micro sizes address an issue Helvetica has long faced – that of being ‘micro type challenged’. In the past, the typeface struggled to be legible at tiny sizes because of its compactness and closed apertures. Helvetica Now’s Micro designs are simplified and exaggerated to maintain the impression of Helvetica in tiny type, and their spacing is loose, providing remarkable legibility at microscopic sizes and in low-res environments. “Helvetica is the gold standard,’ says Monotype Type Director Charles Nix. “To use it is to claim that you are the ultimate expression of whatever your brand aspires to be. Its blankness is its power.”. The Helvetica Now family is available in 48 weights from Light Micro to Extra Black Display, with matching italics.


Nhà thiết kế: Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, Monotype Studio, Jan Hendrik Weber
Nhà phát hành: Monotype

Việt hóa: STYLEno.1 Fonts

Mua bản quyền/giấy phép trước khi sử dụng: Myfonts
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