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[Việt hóa] SVN-Nanum Square Neo (5 fonts)

Nanum Square Neo Sans Serif Font is a free sans serif typeface manufactured by NAVER Corp. Built with strong letter shapes, and industrial taste. It is a good font to convey sentences with attention in various environments. Nanum Square Neo is made with a wide inner space and a full module to increase readability and attention. It is characterized by a stable line that is good for not only short information but also a long text story.

Nhà thiết kế: Seungeon Kim; Wonjin Oh; Haesung Kim; Junsu Kim; Jeongyeon Hyun; Yoonah Kim; Suhwa Jang;
Nhà phát hành: Naver Corp
Việt hóa: STYLEno.1 Fonts

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