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[Việt hóa] SVN-Jonitha Script

Jonitha Script is a handwriting style for a beautiful and naturally give the impression of a beautiful and charming in the form of arms and fonts you can use for your purposes in big events such as, Party, Invitations, Graduation, Wedding, Apparel Brand, greeting cards, book covers , painting style design, or designs that require a natural and personal touch. This font is still the standard and there will be an update to the next depending on your needs…

Nhà thiết kế: Genesislabstudio
Nhà phát hành: genesislabstudio
Việt hóa: STYLEno.1 Fonts

Font đang được bán trên thehungryjpeg
Phiên bản Việt hóa miễn phí cho mục đích sử dụng cá nhân.

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