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[Việt hóa] SVN-Magellin

Introducing “Magllin” – An Elegant Signature Script Font. Unlock the allure of elegance and sophistication with “Magllin,” an exquisite signature script font that adds a touch of grace and style to your designs.

There’s some connected letters and some alternates that suitable for any graphic designs such as branding materials, t-shirt, print, business cards, logo, poster, t-shirt, photography, quotes .etc

This font support for some multilingual. Also contains uppercase A-Z and lowercase a-z, alternate character, numbers 0-9, and some punctuation.

Nhà thiết kế: Achmad Yani
Nhà phát hành: Flawlessandco
Việt hóa: STYLEno.1 Fonts

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